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Customer Says Dog-Master Advertising Could be Better



Dear Dr. Miller,


I just got my DOG-MASTER LEARNING SYSTEM. Got into the directions enough to try it— of course I didn't believe your stuff about "dog does stuff— in seconds." You know, advertising people will say anything. So I thought at least I'll do my part and see.


Your directions say you get the technique right for commands, "do's" and that sets the stage to become the DOG MASTER. I made sure of that. Well, I'm here to tell you...


Never before on anything did an advertising claim ever even came close to the truth. My "Tuck" not only came, we went ecstatic. Sat there licking my hand with the M-2 in it and whining with joy and looking up at me like I'd just come home from a trip!


Well, Dr. Miller I'm sending this to you and want to say we did it again and again. I can't get over the new Tuck. He keeps after me. Now we do things together and I got the "praise right away" thing. Good Tuck, good Tuck, good Tuck. He loves it! Boy, I wasn't ready for this.


What I want to say— and I've never written a "rave" letter before probably because I never rave but what I want to say is I don't know what you pay them, your advertising company, but they're not much good. They miss this big change in the dogs. I say Tucks is a new dog but it's really more like he just woke up! He looks at me now cocks his head, pleading eyes. I now see why it's do it yourself. Dr. Miller, you must know this happens tell the ad man about this. They're missing the point. I'd pay twice, NO, I'd pay WHATEVER for this but no mention anywhere in your ad that "you're missing the boat, man!" Hell, I'm happy. Tuck's happy.


Thank you!


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