Dog-Master®: The Hunter's Choice


  • DOG flushes birds when they move. "BUSTING BIRDS" is a fault so maddening to hunters that so many dogs get shot.
  • DOG BREAKS his point.
  • DOG is gun-shy.
  • DOG chases trash.
  • DOG does not mark the fall.
  • DOG won't move in or moves in too fast.
  • DOG won't retrieve or fetch due to terrain or water.

Almost always, the root causes are:

  • No line of communication between hunter and dog.
  • Dog has no self-control.
  • Hunter becomes so engrossed by the hunt that his preoccupation with his own interest is reflected by the dog.

The DOG MASTER SYSTEM book discusses all these problems and gives the corrections.

DOG-MASTER® solves all these problems!

Now You Can Have a Dream Dog!



DOG-MASTER® versus Electronic Collars

For those who may be thinking of getting these fancy-looking and rather expensive gadgets, we offer additional thoughts:


From a learning standpoint there honestly is little to compare. The DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM is holistic in that you get the whole story, the whole thing. Starting with exactly how to go about not just getting your hunter right, but also the breed research, the critical time to get your hunter from the litter, house training, early feeding, grooming, handling, long walks together, even the jealous wife, and so much more.


In other words, DOG-MASTER® is COMPLETE from birth to death, where believe me, you grieve, recover, remember, and start over with a much wiser and more equipped hunter.


With electronic shock collars, everything is based on negative reinforcement. The only thought is to punish the dog, force him/her not to do― this or that. And so on and on. The cycle will just repeat itself and eventually you end in such a rut. And this rut has no grieving. At the end you'll at least avoid that.


Granted, changes have been made in that you can now adjust the intensity levels on the shock collars according to your dog's sensitivity, but nothing is taken away from the fact that they are what they are: shock collars, instruments of pain. Too often they can affect the dog's nervous system. As Dr. Miller has witnessed over the years, these training collars can make a good hunting dog shock-shy and refusing to hunt altogether [more on the ill-effects of shock collars...].


As to finding your dog not doing what you want in the heaviest of cover, electronic shock collars are merely like band-aids, quick fixes to stop the bleeding. But they never really address the root cause of the problem, which quite often is over-ranging. Almost all books on hunting dog training say, and we quote the oft-repeated refrain: "Don't waste time, just get rid of the dog." What can we say?


On the other hand, not only can DOG-MASTER® give you superb, instant control and guidance in the field even in heavy cover, it also helps you tune your hunting dog in so that you do not have to worry about him/her getting lost, with none of the side effects of electronic shock or pain. DOG-MASTER® dogs are tuned in― to you. They hunt FOR YOU. And that is not all.


You the hunter will never want to get in any of these situations where you say "Dammit, I just lost it. I shot him!"


But remember, every mistake is an opportunity! The point is, you have to get the background, the real story, all of it. DOG-MASTER® does it all FASTER, EASIER. You will enjoy this life with the best buddy you'll ever have, hunting or no.


Retrievers learn to use burlap to get back into the boat.



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  • Encouraging the soft mouth
  • Walks and the Whistle
  • Getting the dog used to the gun
  • Range and distance from the hunter
  • Quartering the hunting dog
  • Fetching in water
  • Developing the point
  • The bird wing
  • Backing the other dog's point
  • Training out the hard mouth
  • Hunting in close cover
  • Specific problem correction
  • etc...

DOG-MASTER® dogs are patient and comfortable in the blind― they await your direction― seemingly able to read your mind.