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History of Dog-Master®




Following his World War II service as a flight medic, Dare Miller moved from the plains of Wyoming to the bustling city of Los Angeles to pursue his higher education. Many new friends had dogs, but he soon noticed that city owners had more difficulty with their dogs than what he was used to in Wyoming.


While attending different colleges, he worked part-time, trying the traditional military leash training system. He found the damaging side-effects made things even worse for the dogs. He soon abandoned this method, and thought "there ought to be a better way." Communication was the key. Miller said, "I knew the answer lay in my being able to provide owners with a tool with which they could communicate with their dog so as to gain the dog's willing cooperation. I researched in the fields of sound, because dogs are most responsive through hearing." At the time, subliminal advertising in the U.S. was prevalent. Miller saw how responsive humans were to the subliminal suggestions. He thought, dogs should respond the same way.


Late 1950's

After a stint with Genisco Corp., Dare Miller and his wife Patricia decided to push ahead full-time with his idea. Tests were conducted to determine the cut-off point of the dog's conscious hearing. It took nearly seven years to validate his theory.


1963 - Hi-Fido® is Born

With the conscious hearing threshold established, Miller needed to find a way to produce the subliminal sound economically. Through further research in the highly technical field of sound-producing metals the Hi-Fido® was born.


First Patent Obtained

On December 1, 1964, Miller received his first of five patents. The initial design was similar to a choke chain, but it had a stop that served 2 purposes: to produce the subliminal sound, and to actually stop the dog from choking.


Off-leash Method Developed.

Still, Dr. Miller did not like the idea of a choke chain. He discovered that even greater success can be attained by incorporating Sakawa's method of teaching dogs without a rope; and the Hi-Fido® came off the dog forever.


1966 - First Book

Use of the Hi-Fido® was simple, but Dr. Miller knew that for its effective application, a fuller explanation was needed. Months of writing produced The Secret of Canine Communication, the first authoritative volume on dog psychology.


1971 - Dog-Master® is born.

Not completely happy with the name Hi-Fido®, Dr. Miller decided to change his product's label to one that better represents his purpose. Of course, we know that the name was Dog-Master® Learning System, meaning, learning for dog and master. But even with the change, Dr. Miller continued to make improvements to his invention. He designed other instruments for different terrains and conditions. The M-4 was the last to be designed.


1975 - The Dog-Master® Book.

With a new trademark and more instruments, Dr. Miller needed to write another book. More intensive work produced the manual that earned critical acclaim. The Dog-Master® Book is now the indispensable companion to the Dog-Master® Learning System. It is not just a guide to using the method, it also provides an in-depth look at canine behavior— a wonderful resource for all dog-owners worldwide.



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