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Veteran outdoor columnist Jerome Robinson writes about Dog-Master® in the venerable publication.


Cam Rodgers sees the advantage and superiority of Dog-Master® over other dog training systems.


Jesse Hamil relates his experiences at an Obedience Fun Match


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"I have read many books on dog training and would like to say that your whole approach, emphasizing strong relationship between dog and master and praise for each accomplishment, together with the unique capacity of the DOG-MASTER to focus the dog’s attention is far the best method I have known about. I recommend it to my friends, and thank you for a great advance in dog training.”


Joanne Hirabayashi

Orange, CA

“A satisfied customer is still your best advertisement! I recently saw a teenager who purchased it and put it into practice, with amazing results. I’d never heard of it before, but on the basis of what I’ve seen, I want it!


R.G. Miller

Cleveland, GA

"...I just wanted to let you know it has sure made life easier living with multiple Dobermans. The Dog Master has produced some amazing results for me..."


Karen Kissinger

Friendswood, TX

“… Please count me among the many supporters of your method.”


David Suchman, Ph.D.

Psychologist, University of Florida

“… I have borrowed your DOG-MASTER from the Fire Chief of Hutchinson, KS and after one hour’s trial on my English Setters wish you to send me a set immediately…”


Fred Bell

Wichita, KS

“Gentlemen: Your DOG-MASTER instrument has done wonders for my dog. Thank you.”


Mrs. J.L. Kennedy

Walnut Creek, CA

“We have had marvelous success with the DOG-MASTER teaching device and are spreading the word to all of our friends. We are now able to take our dog out without the fear of losing him off lead, or waiting forever trying to get him back— he now responds to the command. Thank you many times for your gift to the dog world.”


Mrs. Marion Johnson

New York, NY


Now You Can Have a Dream Dog!


Our Patrons Speak. Now You Too Can Be a Happy Dog Master!


Cherie Beckwith Writes About Her Phenomenal Success with DOG-MASTER®

Dear Dr Miller,


I am going to tell you of another instance in which Dog-Master® worked, what I call  "miracle". I kept a German Shepherd pup from one of our litters many years ago. I bottle fed this little girl, she was my first heart dog. When I started training her I took her to obedience classes as I was not experienced in Obedience Competition training at the time. She became so aggressive over a period of time (this was only when another dog came close to me, she would go after the dog) that they threw us out of novice obedience class and told me I would never get her obedience degree on her... [read more]


From Carol Taylor (author of "Humbled" and "The Devastator of 1997")

So Dr. Miller, do you realize how much of a blessing you are?  I mean, REALLY a significant blessing in the lives of so many thousands through the years?  On that DVD, your voice alone just struck us as so soothing and accepting--the kind of voice any animal or human would love to hear often.  We applauded your demonstration & narration about Rexine, the sweet mongrel from a dog shelter who was saved by your generous gift of time & attention.  What a spark that lit in my heart!  Paul was so amazed at your quiet but impressive routine, even though he remembers how well the Dog-Master System worked with Packy, his all-time favorite dog.
Isn't it a shame the way most trainers bully and "robotize" their puppies or dogs?  But also, what a HUGE WASTE of good genetics & talent when one does get a truly outstanding dog (such as Packy or Bronzy or Monte) and yet they have no genuine interest in nurturing that animal's abilities to the max.  Bless God--and you!--for Dog-Master.  I am sure there will be many hundreds of dogs in heaven just waiting to run up and thank you for bettering their lives.
After reading your Wyoming memoirs again, it occurs to me that this method was not just a wise career choice for you.  It has also been a true ministry, hasn't it?  What a life.


Carol Taylor

Fort Benton, Montana

I.T. Specialist Rejoices in Finding Dog-Master on the Internet

Dear Dr. Dare Miller,

I cannot believe I have just found your website. I came across your product in the early 90's while browsing through the advertisements at the back of an issue of "Popular Mechanics" magazine. Your small advertisement caught my attention because my parents had a dog with many of the behavioral problems listed. My parents' dog was the first dog I ever tried to teach. I approached it like I did everything else. I went to the library and read everything that I could find on the subject.

Unfortunately, what I followed was a book titled "The Koehler Method of Dog Training". While I taught my parents' dog all the basic commands, I was heartbroken to find myself with an unreliable dog with no human bond. She bolted at every chance she got, was more excited to see strangers than us, and only obeyed out of fear. It was not at all how I imagined a dog-human relationship would be and I was very heartbroken when my parents decided to return her to the breeder due to her behavioral issues.

When I adopted my own dog several years later, I immediately thought of Dog Master and ordered one of the kits containing the book, several cassettes and devices. I read through the book several times and really identified with your philosophy that we should connect with dogs on a mental level. I especially agreed with your statement that physical, pain-based training was destructive to the dog-human bond since I had already experience it firsthand. What amazed me even more was when I used the device following the instructions. I could not believe the connection it immediately established between me and my dog. It took no time for me to teach her new things. It was as if we finally started to speak the same language. [continued]


Is It Just a Stupid Chain? Certainly Not! A Letter From the Adamicks


Dear Dr. Miller,


In 1972 my husband and I trained our first dog, an Irish setter, with the help of Bill Campbell (and his wife Peggy) AND your fantastic Hi-Fido training device.  We went through Bill’s training program and purchased 2 devices.  In the years since, we have trained every one of our 3 family dogs this way.  We have had the most wonderful, obedient dogs that always amazed people with their perfect behavior and immediate responses.  Our wonderful golden retriever died 2 years ago and we have just now acquired a new puppy, so the process begins again. [continued]


Overjoyed customer wants to know how much Dr. Miller pays his advertising man.

Dr. Larry Male ruminates about Dog Behavior, Dog Training, and DOG-MASTER

Famous breeder of Pyrmont Dobermans extols the virtues of DOG-MASTER

Great Pyrenees owner ecstatic over change in her dog's behavior

A professor and a veterinarian compliment Dr. Miller on the device and the book

Impressed Customer Wants Son to Try DOG-MASTER®


More Dog Master® Success Stories


"I had purchased your product back in the early 80's when I purchased my Akita. All I can say is WOW. The only time I had to put him on a leash was when I took him to dog shows and into the ring. At ALL other times he was tied to me mentally. I also took him to work with me and couldn't have asked for a better companion. Thank you so much for such a great product. I have recently gotten a rescue dog (a husky mix) and have again purchased your wonderful learning system to train this dog. Although I know what the results will be I can't wait to begin his training. As I am now retired he will be a constant companion and I know a great trained dog. Thanks again"


Ed McFadden

Dear DOG-MASTER Folks,


We received our (4) instrument Kit and WOW! It is magic! Our (4) dogs were wonderful before, but now other people think so too! They are working very well and we feel we've just begun.


I have many other people interested...


Thank you so much.


River Jameson

Glenwood Springs, CO


P.S. You may use my name on your referral list, if you wish.

Dear Dog-Master Systems,


I can't tell you how happy I am with your dog training methods and dog master instruments that I purchased. I wrote a few weeks back to let you know that I changed my obedience program from the old way to the Dog-Master Way. I am happy to inform you that everything is going very well.


Once again, thank you for all you have done. You all have been extremely helpful and supportive.


Patrick McDonnell - Instructor

Shadowlake Obedience

Elma, NY


No more unruly dog. No more Door-Dashing, it works! We are starting inside and working our way to the outside. I am confident subliminal teaching method will give us the dream dog we always wanted. I would be very happy to refer dog-master to anyone new in my area…."


Gary Keyes

Pryor, OK

“We are absolutely astounded with the results produced by your Dog-Master device! In less than two weeks our four-month old Sheltie puppy has learned the Come, Sit, Stay commands, no longer indulges in excessive barking, refrains from dashing out the door, etc and as a result has become a much better behaved member of our family….”

(Mrs.) Doris A. Herman

Squamish, B.C. Canada


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