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Famous breeder of Pyrmont Dobermans extols the virtues of Dog-Master®



From Susan Berst in Canada, breeder of Pyrmont Dobermans. Home of Obedience champions— both American and Canadian.


Dear Dr. Miller,

I’m rushing this order for the DOG-MASTER (professional kit) to you personally because I’m leaving for India Feb. 7th, where I am to visit an important breeder-fancier. I very much wanted to take the M-2 instrument with me.


This is not the only reason I’m writing to you directly, however. I’ve been wanting to tell you again how delighted I am with your DOG-MASTERS. I’ve been a faithful user now for several years. In fact, I insist that everyone of my new puppy owners acquire a Dog-Master System of their own. I have always included the absolute necessity and acceptance of the Dog-Master in my general instruction sheets which go to all new owners of our Pyrmont Dobermans.


I feel this instrument is absolutely excellent. All of our dogs have been conditioned to its sound from the time they were tiny pups. I do feel however that the person using it himself MUST be intelligent and care enough to be able to use it correctly since timing is very important as in any training method. Sensible people quickly learn how to use the instrument and go on to have excellent results. Others actually shake it in front of a dog and wait for a reaction! Can you imagine?


I know you tell people the importance of taking a few minutes to read, practice and otherwise prepare themselves in their use of the Dog-Master System, and you give fine examples, however, I think you put it too mildly.


I only hope I can help you influence people on an even wider scale than just in the USA and Canada. Everyone must come to know how much more dog they can have— what a tremendous influence the Dog-Master makes on all dogs— whether housetraining, show training, basic obedience or any other purpose— it speeds up everything! Like magic! I’ll continue to tell everyone I can.


Sincerely yours,


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