DOG-MASTER® SYSTEM originally entered the U.S. market in the mid-1960's under the salutory name HI-FIDO®.


It also had the name "Veterinarians SoundRx" used exclusively and specially for dispensing by veterinarians.



Why is DOG-MASTER® SYSTEM different? Unlike what some of you may initially think, here are a few facts:


It's NOT a choke chain.
It's NOT a shock collar.
It's NOT a dog whistle.
It does NOT use a clicker.
It does NOT use treats.
It is NOT an in-home dog training service.



"...After seeing him (Dr. Miller) bring two untrained German short-haired pointers under his control in less than two minutes, my skepticism vanished and I started to learn...."




Now You Can Have a Dream Dog!







DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM is a scientifically planned system incorporating the latest in teaching methodologies and techniques.


The heart of the system is a new scientific breakthrough developed by Dr. Dare Miller, Ps.D., Ph.D., a totally new concept involving unique learning sound instruments for teaching fine dogs.




The DOG-MASTER® instruments are not choke chains or collars. Nor are they electronic shock devices. They are a highly advanced evolvement of Ivan Pavlov's famous bell and conditioning experiments. Pavlov's research established that the particular nature of canine reflexes allows a dog to be more easily conditioned to create more desirable responses, and once conditioned, to involve more of the dog's mental abilities, resulting in a greatly expanded thinking and understanding dog.



For his tests Dr. Miller chose a tuning fork instead of a bell because it resonates at a more constant pitch. Hearing is a dog's keenest sense, and Dr. Miller's object was to find the cut-off point of conscious hearing. Just beyond this point lies the phenomenon of automatic subliminal suggestion. If it worked with dogs as it did with humans it would  mean a real scientific breakthrough.


It was through the use of the electroencephalograph (EEG) that Dr. Miller was able to pinpoint the exact frequency at which the dog's conscious hearing cuts off. Those results were first published in Dr. Miller's book, The Secret of Canine Communication (1966). Sounds occurring at this frequency were marked in the EEG recordings by V-shaped dips or dents (see figure on the right). Further studies showed that these dips indicated an instantaneous albeit temporary state of complete mental curiosity and receptiveness within the dog. Why was this significant? Because Dr. Miller eventually found that when a word is spoken at that exact same moment in the dip― when the dog's mind is much more willing― it causes the dog to want to do what is shown to him/her without any force or pain. True communication!


Elated by his discovery Dr. Miller saw great value in avoiding and curing all the ills of dog ownership, in hopes of total dismissal of animal shelters. Extensive research and experiments spanning over a decade (and incurring astronomical expenses) culminated to what is now the DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM.


DOG-MASTER® is a complete body of knowledge, techniques, and instruments that teaches both dog and master, applying practical but living principles of psychology, ethology, and physiology― all disciplines of its inventor. The “teaching” method embodies the use of subliminal sound-producing devices referred to as the DOG-MASTER® sonic instruments.


Directions to the proper use of these instruments and the proper execution of Dr. Miller's patented method are simple and easy, but EXACT, and they are contained in the DOG MASTER SYSTEM book, whose compact-size makes it handy for use in the field. An added option to the kit is an audio recording entitled The MASTER CD, a great aid in developing one's voice techniques.




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Laboratory Test Certification


Dr. Miller's findings were later corroborated by R.W. Redding, Ph.D., D.V.M. in B.F. Horlein's book, Canine Neurology (1971).




Dr. Dare Miller received 5 U.S. patents for the DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM (U.S.patent numbers 3159140, 3498266, 338747, 337865, and 336693).





If you plan for your dog to be a loved one and not just an animal who does "tricks," then DOG-MASTER® is for you. No matter what other functions your dog may have, he must behave well in the home. Otherwise, your dog is not happy, and you're not happy. An educated dog is a pleasure and a pride to own. That— is what DOG-MASTER® gives you!



DOG-MASTER® dogs hunt for their masters, not off on their own. They are "tuned in" and take direction better than with any other method. Because they are more owner-oriented, they are not as hard-headed nor hard-mouthed. No more over-ranging, busting birds, or breaking point. You can even rehabilitate the gun-shy ones.



Teach— in minutes— all commands and.... without a leash! No shock collars, no choke chains, no ropes needed. Dogs follow the DOG-MASTER® like mice under the spell of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Corrections are taught effectively on a mental level— no physical force or punishment involved. They learn more quickly, and retain what they have learned more permanently.



Teach your dog first without a leash, making subsequent leash training unbelievably easier. DOG-MASTER® makes more willing, more handler-oriented show dogs. It teaches alertness and attention, more concentration amid distractions in the ring. No loss of sprit! Keeps your dog's head up and brings up personality!


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