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Young Dare Miller's dog Bronzy was a real working dog. Every morning and night he hurried out alone to herd the milk cows to and from the pastures. He enthusiastically used a special hand-made dog-wheel, when placed in it, to churn the family's butter, and to turn the grindstone. Bronzy's ever willing dog-power was also used to draw water from the cistern. This was especially useful in 40º below zero weather when thirsty stock still had to be watered.


As if that wasn't enough Bronzy happened to save young Miller's life-- not once, but twice!


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Dr. MILLER featured in:

  • TIME
  • Saturday Evening Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Sports Afield
  • American Field
  • Hunting Dog
  • Spotter Magazine

TV show appearances:

  • The Art Linkletter Show
  • The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  • The Today Show (with Barbara Walters hosting)
  • Betty White's Pet Set
  • The Joe Pyne Show
  • The Dick Cavett Show
  • The Merv Griffin Show
  • The Mike Douglas Show
  • ABC After School Specials

Dr. Miller: the movie and TV consultant

  • Run for the Sun (1956) starring Richard Widmark.
  • The Lassie TV Series

Now You Can Have a Dream Dog!






Yes, he goes back a long ways. Yes, he is legendary. Part of this stems from his outstanding academic background not usually found in the dog world. But let us start with some bits of interesting information:

  • Was taught Native American horsemen's secrets by a Chiricahua boyhood friend on the plains of Wyoming in the 1930's.
  • Trained wild mustangs to come when called, ride and jump barbed wire fences, and then demonstrated them to prospective buyers.
  • Brought and applied many of those skills to movie and TV dogs after leaving the service in World War II. He actually even had bit parts (uncredited) in a few movies.
  • Continued by teaching many well-known celebrities with their dogs while in medical school. It was there he discovered the similarities of the dog's brain to the human brains, realizing that dogs could actually think as humans do.
  • Ever present in his memory was his American Shepherd, Bronzy, who on at least two occasions actually saved his life.
  • All these culminated in the amazing discovery that is DOG-MASTER®, the fastest way to achieve true communication between dog and master.


Dare Miller was born in Longmont, Colorado in 1927. Following his mother's death at age 7, he came to live on his aunt's cattle ranch on the plains of Wyoming. This family, like most in the area, had a dog: "Bronzy," an American Shepherd. Ranchers expected their dogs to work and Bronzy was no exception.


This sort of loyal, working relationship with the family dog is not uncommon to rural America. Bronzy made a lasting impression on young Dare Miller. How deep this impression really was would not be fully apparent even to himself until he moved to Los Angeles, following his World War II naval service, and began his life's work.



His aunt was a school teacher, so it was not unusual that he should seek higher education. Though he originally began his major in Medicine, by the time he had finished Pre-Med his strong interest in human behavior had guided him into the fields of psychology instead. Income from the G.I. Bill for Veterans was not sufficient so he sought part-time and summer work. Observing great difficulty the city people had with their dogs and making full use of his boyhood knowledge, he was soon in demand training dogs.


However, the "obedience system" originating with the WWI German military-style trench dog training so common back then required physical force and punishment. He came to object to these methods, for his own experiences told him that dogs need not be physically forced to behave correctly for man. If actions spoke louder than words, what was really being taught? Dare Miller sought the answer as he worked toward his Doctoral degree in Psychology. Eventually Miller's keenly analytical mind crystallized the main problem: most city dog owners had no meaningful working relationship with their dogs, therefore no mental communication with their dogs. Furthermore, owners who tried physical force and punishment only seemed to make the situation worse by unintentionally reinforcing the problem.



What follows next is several years devoted to research on what would eventually become DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM. In the 1960's, when one of his method patents for dog teaching initially broke the news, all of the big TV shows at the time sought his appearances. And of course, they saw the nearly unbelievable demonstrations: Dr. Miller controlling dogs— both good AND bad— with only his soothing voice and the unique canine communication instrument in his hand. No leash, no chains, no collars.


For these he received noteworthy comments from the big wigs at the time like Johnny Carson and Art Linkletter, including the unforgettable exclamation "It really works, it's no humbug!" from an astonished Joe Pyne. For those who remember Joe Pyne, he was very good at exposing "humbugs" on The Joe Pyne Show.


All this fame, celebrity, and media exposure were really quite a stark contrast to Dr. Miller's early life as a young cowboy growing up on the great Wyoming prairie.  To this day, he is still a cowboy at heart, often reminiscing about his Native American friend, his horses, and his dog.


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So now you've read about Dr. Miller's boyhood memories, skills, work with movie dogs and celebs, the Doctorates in Psychology and a Philosophy.

You might say, "why is this important?"


All this simply explains why DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM:

  • teaches your dog to know your voice incredibly fast

  • instills in your dog an amazing motivation to please you

  • is the real answer to abandoned dogs and emptying those so-called animal shelters

Now you, yes you, can have a Dream Dog!



  • The Secret of Canine Communication (1966)
  • The Dog Master System (1975).


Charter member of the American Society of Veterinarian Ethology.

His success with dog owners has been the subject of 2 short films, one made by the University of Southern California and the other was produced by ABC Television. Both USC and ABC filmed him working with dogs and masters at his Canine Behavior Institute in Brentwood, California.

Dr.  Miller is shown above in an undated photo with Monte (1970-1986). Short for “The Count of Monte Cristo,” Monte was Dr. Miller’s therapy dog with both adults and children. A veteran TV performer, Monte is sorely missed.

Dr. Miller is presently living in Southern California, but returning often to Jackson, Kaycee, and the “Hole in the Wall” Wyoming.