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Great Pyrenees owner ecstatic over change in her dog’s behavior



Dear Dr. Miller,


I must say that, whatever the secret of the DOG-MASTER, it is wonderful! We have a Great Pyrenees, now 16 months old (35½”, 168 lbs.)! For the first year or so we were quite at our wit’s end as to training and making him socially acceptable… The relief, pleasure and downright joy the DOG-MASTER brought me within two days of its arrival makes it worth its weight in precious stones.


All I have taught him, so far, is the emergency command (Come) and a few simple DON’TS— but for some reason, even with that minimum of training, ALL his behavior has been affected; Angus’ ENTIRE behavior pattern and his personality as well is so changed that is also seems unbelievable. I think your DOG-MASTER, from the very beginning, quiets the dog making him responsive and willing— not just in relation to specific commands, but his whole attitude in general— from a stubborn, willful dog to a willing, eager fellow.


As my husband (he is a neuro-psychiatrist, and finds the whole DOG-MASTER concept intriguing) says: It creates the climate conducive to learning— he compares it to supplying human children with incentive to learn, and willingness (“open mind”) to accept teaching, the removal of barriers and blocks which resist the teaching and instruction offered— this, to us, is even more important than immediate obedience to a few simple commands, as it lays the framework of a mutually rewarding relationship of long standing; to quote my husband again, “the pattern is established, — and, indeed, the bond is cemented.


Our Angus is now a well-behaved dog, obedient and willing, responsive and eager, happy and wonderfully loving— and it’s all unexpected dividend— so much more than mere obedience to commands…


Somehow, our dear Angus is just plain nicer— and I’m positive he feels the same of us— Thank you, to you, we now are completely convinced that we have the best dog ever, and to boot, just about the greatest dog in the world…


He’s become totally sensitive to our moods; responsive and understanding; and now, the bond which unites Angus and his family is firm, secure and unbreakable— based on love and mutual affection; genuine understanding and complete, unswerving trust.


So much, from a little chain! Thank you again, Dr. Miller.




Jacqueline d’ Annibale

Oyster Bay, NY



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