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Dog-Master: Not just a silly chain...


Returning customer offers testimonial and refutes others who presumptuously think Dog-Master is nothing more than a "stupid" chain...



Dear Dr. Miller,


In 1972 my husband and I trained our first dog, an Irish setter, with the help of Bill Campbell (and his wife Peggy) AND your fantastic Hi-Fido training device.  We went through Bill’s training program and purchased 2 devices.  In the years since, we have trained every one of our 3 family dogs this way.  We have had the most wonderful, obedient dogs that always amazed people with their perfect behavior and immediate responses.  Our wonderful golden retriever died 2 years ago and we have just now acquired a new puppy, so the process begins again.


Over the years we managed to loan one of our devices to a friend and only have one left – an original Hi-Fido device.  We are just amazed at how well this is working with our new puppy!  It’s funny how skeptical people are when they realize what we are using to train our puppy.  Skeptical yes, but amazed at how well the plan works.  People always say that it’s just a stupid chain and makes no sense – all non-believers!  However, we would gladly provide a testimonial to your ingenious device and have the experience to prove it.


Thank you for inventing this!


I am thrilled beyond words that the power of the internet has enabled me to find you once again, as I had forgotten the name of the product [DOG-MASTER] as well as the name of its inventor (my apologies, I am not as young as I used to be). I have ordered 2 more devices, an M1 and an M2, but I’d be so happy with another one just like my original Hi-Fido.


Thanks again for your wonderful invention and I can’t wait to receive the 2 new devices.


Most sincerely,


Bonnie Adamick

Thousand Oaks, CA


RECOMMENDED READING: In his May 25th, 2007 blog post, "How I Came Up with the Chains," Dr. Miller relates his journey and his quest toward finding the perfect vehicle for his 'dog-sound' discovery, and how, after countless hours of experimentation, the "chain" finally won over its electronic counterpart.


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