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A Professor and a Veterinarian compliment Dr. Miller



Correspondence from two professionals in the field of canine studies...



Dear Dr. Miller:


Sometime ago you sent me a complimentary copy of your book “The Secret of Canine Communication.” This book has been used extensively in the School of Veterinary Medicine both by the faculty and the student body. They have found this a very useful text and have had much benefit from the opportunity to review the fine work which you have done.


I do appreciate your kindness in sending me this book. I will see that it is placed in our Veterinary Medical Library for the full use of the faculty and the student body of the school. I am sure that many of the students will be interested in placing order for copies of this book as they engage in the practice of canine medicine.




Wm. E. Jennings, Professor

Auburn University

School of Veterinary Medicine






Dear Dr. Miller:


The following review has been submitted to The New York City Veterinarian and should be published in due course, at the discretion of the Executive Editor:




This is the unique training manual based upon subliminal suggestion by means of a special chain that is so constructed that when it is shaken or thrown it takes advantage of certain harmonic attributions of the dog, and training takes place without leash restraint by means of applying fundamental principles of conditioned reflex psychology. Apparent dramatic results have been obtained with this approach to training, and it seems to render more conventional approaches obsolete. The reader who seeks a practical and thorough lesson in applied canine psychology can learn a great deal from the careful perusal of this popularly written manual.




So there you are. I trust it may be helpful to you.


Respectfully yours,


A. Barton, D.V.M.

Book Editor

New York City Veterinarian




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