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Impressed Customer Wants Son to Try DOG-MASTER®





I received my DOG-MASTER® SYSTEM just one week ago and after a couple of days of practice and listening to the recordings, I began to apply your techniques. Amazing! Even though my year old Chesapeake is mild mannered and fairly well-behaved, the changes I see in him after just three days of using the DOG-MASTER® are absolutely incredible. He now stays in the back of my pickup without being tied and even remains sitting in one place while I'm out of sight for extended periods of time. He is now content to lie on his rug for hours rather than trying to constantly be a "lap" dog. I could write pages on all the changes in that animal in one week, not to mention the increased enjoyment and pride my wife and I now have in our dog.


I am also impressed that I want my son to try the DOG-MASTER® SYSTEM on his wild and unruly 15-month old German shorthair. That dog's favorite pastime, when she's not digging up the yard, is to hang at the top of the 6' wooden fence and bark. I cannot help but believe that the DOG-MASTER® SYSTEM can help tremendously.


Thanks a million!




Joe Waguespack

Bossier City, LA


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