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I.T. Specialist rejoices in “finding” DOG-MASTER again on the Internet



In mid-November of 2006, DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM went online for the very first time with an introductory and incomplete website. One of our very first responders is Chen Chang. Here are excerpts from two of his e-mails:


Dear Dr. Dare Miller,

I cannot believe I have just found your website. I came across your product in the early 90's while browsing through the advertisements at the back of an issue of "Popular Mechanics" magazine. Your small advertisement caught my attention because my parents had a dog with many of the behavioral problems listed. My parents' dog was the first dog I ever tried to teach. I approached it like I did everything else. I went to the library and read everything that I could find on the subject.

Unfortunately, what I followed was a book titled "The Koehler Method of Dog Training". While I taught my parents' dog all the basic commands, I was heartbroken to find myself with an unreliable dog with no human bond. She bolted at every chance she got, was more excited to see strangers than us, and only obeyed out of fear. It was not at all how I imagined a dog-human relationship would be and I was very heartbroken when my parents decided to return her to the breeder due to her behavioral issues.

When I adopted my own dog several years later, I immediately thought of Dog Master and ordered one of the kits containing the book, several cassettes and devices. I read through the book several times and really identified with your philosophy that we should connect with dogs on a mental level. I especially agreed with your statement that physical, pain-based training was destructive to the dog-human bond since I had already experience it firsthand. What amazed me even more was when I used the device following the instructions. I could not believe the connection it immediately established between me and my dog. It took no time for me to teach her new things. It was as if we finally started to speak the same language.

In 2003, I adopted a second dog. My Dog Master book and devices had been lost during a move so I sent in an order for a new kit. Unfortunately, it came back returned with a note from the post office that there was no forwarding address for the recipient. I called the post office, searched the Internet, and contacted every person that I found who had mentioned your name or Dog Master on their website. I even searched for contact information in the patent registries. All of my efforts ended up at a dead end. I could not believe that the most effective dog teaching method that I have ever encountered had vanished forever. I ended up settling for Bill Campbell's BioSonic Bean Bags and purchasing a used copy of your book in an online auction. Still, I felt sad knowing that the disappearance of Dog Master System was a huge loss to dogs and dog owners worldwide.

People who know me know that I love my dogs. This Christmas I received as a gift a 4 disc DVD set of the first season of Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer show on the National Geographic Channel. As I watched the episodes, I was shocked by what I saw. I could not believe that what was so widely hailed by mainstream media as the bible for dog owners paralleled what I remembered of the Koehler method. In frustration, I searched the Internet to see what others were saying. While doing so, I lamented again at the disappearance of Dog Master and decided out of the blue to do another search to see if there was anything new. I really wasn't expecting to find anything since I did an exhaustive search last time. To my great and most pleasant surprise, my search for "Dr. Dare Miller" turned up your website….

Chen Chang



Dear Dr. Miller,

I am delighted to hear back from you and am very excited at the thought of having Dog-Master available to dog owners once again.  I've already told my co-worker and fellow dog owner regarding my exciting discovery.  I hope to be able to teach his dog with Dog-Master in the near future and show him what he's been missing out on all these years.

I regret that I've never seen any of your appearances on TV since they were done when I was still young.  Are these footages still available?  I would love to see Dog Master Systems demonstrated by you.

I will definitely do what I can to spread the word about Dog-Master.  I think I can best do this by furthering my understanding and use of Dog-Master and demonstrate by example what the possibilities are for dogs and their masters when the correct approach is taken for teaching dogs.  I think for most people seeing is believing and therefore demonstrating Dog-Master's effectiveness to people firsthand is what will get people interested…

Thank you,

Chen Chang


Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Dr. Miller never obtained any copies of the videotapes of his TV guest appearances. The only documents in his possession are black and white still photos captured through a TV screen, which can be viewed in the About Dr. Miller page. We are currently researching several television archives and museums for these footages and hope to bring to you in the near future.


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