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Dr.Larry Male ruminates on Dog Behavior and Dog Training



Dr. Larry Male, Engineer, Scientist and Mathematician, writes to Dr. Miller about his dog Duke, the importance of DOG-MASTER®, and his opinion on other dog “training” methods.


Dear Dr. Miller,

It was such a pleasure for me to talk with you on the phone this morning.


I never did see your television appearances although they were well within my era. I think that I am perhaps 15 years your junior. I wish I had seen them though. It was a little ad in Dog Fancy, I think, that I initially responded to back in 1992. I remember that the wording seemed to be a bit like a snake oil salesman, e.g., miraculous, magic learning sound etc. But at that time, I was investigating different dog training techniques and I could easily afford a stamp to find out. But when I received your literature, I immediately grasped that this was important and scientific. I already had my Golden when I received my DOG MASTER kit and he was perhaps 2 years old at the time. I had tried my best to train him, using the choke chain dog training class once a week. Oh, I should mention that I am currently a software engineer, but I have a master’s in zoology and a doctorate in mathematics and biometrics. Anyway, when I received your DOG MASTER System book I was capable of understanding the magnitude of your accomplishment. I had such a great and immediate success that I dropped out of the dog training class. For 9 more years my Duke continued to learn more and more and more. He loved to learn and to show off what he had learned. People were so amazed at his behavior that they could not believe it. He responded to complex commands, within sentences spoken in a normal tone of voice. To those watching, he must have seemed almost human. His eyes were always upon me. I remember that he would lie on the floor watching me for hours. I could give him subtle hand signals with my finger to make him sit up, lie down, stand, stay etc. As he learned, I begin to make the hand signals less and less obvious. And he learned to respond to whisper commands. Oh, it was so much fun and rewarding. It has been two years now since Duke passed on and now I have decided to get a Pembroke Welch Corgi. I have been rereading the DOG MASTER System book. My poor little book is falling apart now. But as I reread I begin to realize how much more effective I could have been if I had followed your directions more closely. How much better it will be for me now, to study and to practice before I get my puppy. When you already have your dog, you are so anxious to try the DOG MASTER, that you don’t take the time to grasp the importance of each element of your system. As I now reread your book, I think to myself, “How was he able to develop this complex system?” But each of your directions is supported by an analysis of dog behavior. These explanations are so important to me. A human mind requires those explanations in order to apply the DOG MASTER System intelligently.


I have purchased a number of top books on clicker training (operant conditioning). This is the current rage in dog training. But these authors freely admit in their books that they no answers for dog behavior problems. They don’t know how to prevent them or cure them. They don’t seem to know how to housetrain a dog. Everyday I see dogs walking their owners (dragging them forward and backwards through the park). The owners plead and yell and tackle and treat and give up in frustration. Their only consolation is that everyone else’s dog behaves the same. I feel so sorry for everyone. I know that there exists a training system that will produce a dream dog, but it isn’t advertised or available. The DOG MASTER System is so vastly superior to any other alternative that I experience a feeling of great loss that it isn’t readily available. You know, instead of attending dog training classes before or at least when they get their puppy. Teach them about dog behavior and show them how to use DOG MASTER; stress how important it is to use it precisely according to the directions. Tell them that they might as well throw it in the trash if they don’t intend to use it properly. I think that it would be so much easier to grasp in a good video production. Then you could watch it over and over. Hey, don’t we all need that timing, rhythm and repetition to learn?


(… and so on….)




Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Dr. Miller never obtained any copies of the videotapes of his TV guest appearances. The only documents in his possession are black and white still photos captured through a TV screen. We are currently researching several television archives and museums for these footages and hope to bring to you in the near future.


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