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Now You Can Have a Dream Dog!



By Dr. Dare Miller


About the recent pet food scare, I thought I should put down for our clients a universal guide. My formula of course is holistic in nature. When you are seeking medical care, try to choose a holistic doctor since they consider the whole body (dog or man) rather than only the part that's ailing. It's worth finding out, believe me.


The formula or guide is for your own edification and detective work. I'll explain it in 2 ways: (a) you'll gain more insight, discover more symptoms and their origins to aid your veterinarian in his/her diagnosis, and (b) the things you should ask your veterinarian will carry much more meaning and you yourself will appear to be much more effective. Note that this formula I'm putting out applies to both dogs and humans.


There are just 3 important indicators which can immediately reveal a complete picture of general health, showing where to treat and how to treat:


No. 1: pH level


Inquire your vet "what about pH level?" It determines your dog's biochemistry, whether it's acidic or alkaline. This tells if the body functions as it should. Your dog may be eating well yet not absorbing nutrients. Result: liver does not function well, the body harbors bad bacteria, body cells receive less oxygen. Cancer thrives in an acidic, oxygen-deficient environment. pH level is utmost. Right now go to your neighborhood drugstore and get this little roll of litmus paper. Test your dog-- even yourself-- at least once a week. Just a dip of urine and see if it turns blue. The darker the blue, the better.


No. 2: Antioxidant level.


Anti-oxidant level. Also called "oxidative stress" this level tells us the body cells' ability to absorb or release electrons. This is important because molecules called "free radicals" occur every time any of the body's normal function takes place. These free radicals are by-products of burning of oxgen in the body, appearing as unpaired electrons. Now, electrons prefer to be paired so free radicals are scavengers, "stealing" electrons from anywhere they can find them and as quickly as possible in order to make themselves "complete." This thievery is what causes havoc, damaging other previously healthy body cells, leaving them crippled, unable to do their jobs. Now the healthy young body knows how to combat this by producing its own natural anti-oxidants to minimize free radical damage. They are important nutrients that generously give up an electron to satisfy the scavenger before damage can happen.  This process is called Redox.


The Redox potential is easily tested for in a test fluid taken as a sample for purposes of determining the overall electron activity. The more activity, the better. But here's the rub. When the body is young its ability to produce antioxidants is good but as we age, an unhealthy environment and high stress steadily weakens the immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses and degenerative diseases, e.g. arthritis, cataracts, and diabetes. Yes, dogs can have all of these. If you can follow and find this out ahead of time and start aiding the body with high antioxidants, then hallelujah!


No. 3: Conductivity


Dogs and humans are quite electrical, did everybody know this? It surprises me still even nowadays to discover this. Any bodily fluid can now be measured for level of resistivity. If your doctor can't do this quickly and on the spot he can order it at little cost. It's worth it. You'll be amazed at what you can find out.


Resistivity level is the body's ability to conduct electric currents. This all comes down to the level of minerals in the body, especially sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Here's the skinny: when body levels are low, enzymes can't do their job as well, mainly, digestion. But if mineral concentrations are elevated, body fluids become stagnant and congestion (ahem, phlegm!).


Poor body conductivity also indicates imbalances are happening such as poor kidney function and more alarming, a compromised lymphatic system. Lymph nodes clean out all the body cells and carry their wastes to be purified. If they are weakened, the body becomes more vulnerable to infections and diseases.


Without this test for resistivity levels, poor kidney function is hard to diagnose― no obvious symptoms― until kidney failure. Get dialysis and hope for a kidney transplant??


Electrolyte imbalance shows up as fatigue, weakness, nausea, dry mouth, headaches. Yes, resisitivity is all about minerals in balance. Good to find out if it's too high, or too low.


Two-time Nobel Laureate (the only person ever to do so) Dr. Linus Pauling made this profound observation:


"You can trace every sickness... and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."




Now it's no big deal. I just tried to explain well enough. Just make a little note with 3 points of inquiry to know how well our body is functioning:

  • pH level. Get the litmus paper out. If it's dark you're ok. If light, get busy!
  • Antioxidant level: more of it delays the aging process
  • Conductivity. Minerals in balance.


So now you're wiser and not sorry! Our emails show the above guide is being gobbled up and used, apparently helpful. I'm glad. Thanks for the feedback!





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