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Contains one M-1s, one M-2, one M-3, and one M-4.

With the DOG MASTER BOOK plus optional Master CD.


This is the complete DOG-MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM. It is the best as it contains all the four kinds of instruments which together virtually meet all conditions. It is with the Master Kit that we are more sure to see the famous DOG-MASTER® results of teaching and control, and in the shortest possible time.




What makes The Master Kit our highest-rated kit is the complete flexibility it has for working with any and all breeds and sizes of dogs, and any terrain and atmospheric condition. In short, the Master Kit is for the pet, the obedience field, the hunter or for all uses which a dog can be put, like sledding, farming, herding, and for use in the show ring. It is more than worth the difference in success, confidence and convenience.


One should not overlook the importance of the depth of conditioning that this kit gives. Whether in the beginning or later on, one does not regret having all the four instruments. Sportsmen and the pros in competitions select the complete kit, but it is also for the average dog lover who simply wants to raise the best dogs. With the Master Kit you are sure to find that a DOG-MASTER® dog is more than you can now imagine― worth far more than any amount of money alone― but even more importantly, your dog will respond to YOU instead of to some far more expensive "dog trainer" or stranger.


with the soft-cover book, 4KM1000 - $212.95

with the book and Master CD, 4KM1001 - $220.95


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These audio recordings offer the most material in the most economical way as they have been planned to be used in conjunction with the Master CD. The Master CD is therefore a pre-requisite to all of the CDs in this series.





This 4-pocket apron ties around your waist and holds one instrument in each pocket, making them always readily accessible. Very helpful especially during the initial stages of the conditioning.

ODM3000 - $11.95 FREE! with purchase of the Master Kit.