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Contains two M-1s, one M-2, and one M-3.

Named for Bill Campbell in honor of his early contributions to DOG MASTER® LEARNING SYSTEM, this kit is an excellent choice for quick and far-ranging dogs especially in the country and at higher altitudes. It is a more versatile version of the Bronzy Kit in that it has the M-2 instrument which works very well around obstacles. This kit is also better than the M123 Three-Instrument Kit because it has four instruments that will enable the early conditioning to go easier and faster with very little interruption.


This Four-Instrument Kit has three of the four KINDS of DOG MASTER instruments which will meet practically any prevailing atmospheric and geographical/topographical conditions, although it lacks the all-in-one M-4 which is the most reliable in mixed, unknown, and unexpected conditions. However, it does have a price advantage over the complete Master Kit. A great selection value-wise and over-all.



with the soft-cover book, 4KM3000 - $159.95

with the book and Master CD, 4KM3001 - $167.95


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These audio recordings offer the most material in the most economical way as they have been planned to be used in conjunction with the Master CD. The Master CD is therefore a pre-requisite to all of the CDs in this series.





This 4-pocket apron ties around your waist and holds one instrument in each pocket, making them always readily accessible. Very helpful especially during the initial stages of the conditioning.

ODM3000 - $11.95