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Contains three M-1s and one M-4.

This kit offers the most value and the best bargain out of all the Four-Instrument Kits especially for larger dogs. The Pat Miller Kit is so versatile that it can be used for any breed and size of dog, or even multiple dogs. It is the lowest-priced for beginning the conditioning of medium to larger dogs in all types of hunting, game and/or water fowl, at any condition.


The four instruments ensure that there will be very little interruption in the early conditioning sequences. Later on the three M-1s can be used and placed separately in different locations in or about the home, always ready for any immediate behavioral correction at shorter distances. The M-4 is then used for the long run for all types of activities under any condition, terrain, and altitude. The M-4 has 80% the distance of the powerful M-3 and its sound penetration is as good as the M-2 but with better distance. One cannot overstate the reliability of the M-4 under mixed and unknown conditions. It is no wonder that our customers consistently give this kit high marks.



with the soft-cover book, 4KM0040 - $157.95

with the book and Master CD, 4KM0041 - $165.95


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These audio recordings offer the most material in the most economical way as they have been planned to be used in conjunction with the Master CD. The Master CD is therefore a pre-requisite to all of the CDs in this series.





This 4-pocket apron ties around your waist and holds one instrument in each pocket, making them always readily accessible. Very helpful especially during the initial stages of the conditioning.

ODM3000 - $11.95