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Contains one M-1 and three M-2 instruments.

If you have an over-active dog who never seems to listen to you, this kit is an excellent choice. No matter the size or the breed, or how many dogs you have, the Mustang Kit is very appropriate for teaching frisky and hard-headed dogs inside the home or in the yard where there tends to be a profusion of obstacles such as furniture or shrubs or trees. This kit has sufficient instruments to start the conditioning. The M-1 is small and handy, primarily used in later stages of the conditioning for emergency corrections at closer distances. But more importantly, this kit has three (3) M-2 instruments, which is really the ideal instrument in and around the home because like the M-1 and the M-4, its sound waves have a curling effect that can weave through obstacles instead of being deflected, but at twice or thrice the distance of the M-1 and at almost half the price of the M-4. Therefore three M-2 instruments guarantee that during the early conditioning sequences, the subliminal sound will be able to reach your hyperactive dog(s) even as he/she moves around the house or hides under furniture.


The Mustang Kit also best fits the conditions involved with those of us who have dogs AND horses at the same time. The M-2 works great from a horse, after a few rounds of early conditioning ahead of time, where both horse and dog are at near equal speeds.



with the soft-cover book, 4KM5000 - $161.95

with the book and Master CD, 4KM0021 - $169.95


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These audio recordings offer the most material in the most economical way as they have been planned to be used in conjunction with the Master CD. The Master CD is therefore a pre-requisite to all of the CDs in this series.





This 4-pocket apron ties around your waist and holds one instrument in each pocket, making them always readily accessible. Very helpful especially during the initial stages of the conditioning.

ODM3000 - $11.95