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Contains two M-1s, one M-2, and one M-4.


If you're a hunter, a trainer, or a handler, this kit is excellent for you. But it is also great for regular families who have multiple dogs, large dogs, or dogs that have persistent problems. There are four instruments to ensure the speed and success of the early conditioning. As you progress from using four instruments to one instrument at a time, you can choose which which instrument to use according to the conditions and the situation. There are two M-1s which can be placed separately later on in strategic areas where they will be readily accessible for immediate correction at closer distance. Then there is the M-2 (the instrument that Dr. Miller carries with him ALL THE TIME) which you can reach your dog at twice the distance of the M-1 and is ideal around obstacles like furniture, bushes, trees, noises. And finally there is the large, all-in-one M-4, which you can use during hunting and all types of activities under mixed and unknown conditions. Even though this kit does not have the M-3 instrument, whose reaching power is unlimited in ideal conditions (e.g., good weather, even terrain), the M-4 makes up for it as can reach 80% the distance of the M-3, with the flexibility of the M-2 around obstacles, making it the top instrument of choice for hunters and professionals.


with the soft-cover book, 4KM7000 - $178.95

with the book and Master CD, 4KM7001 - $186.95

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These audio recordings offer the offer the most material in the most economical way as they have been planned to be used in conjunction with the Master CD. The Master CD is therefore a pre-requisite to all of the CDs in this series.





This 4-pocket apron ties around your waist and holds one instrument in each pocket, making them always readily accessible. Very helpful especially during the initial stages of the conditioning.

ODM3000 - $11.95